Introducing Teddy's Tails!
A BRAND NEW DELIGHTFUL series of children's picture books. THE FIRST BOOK IS now available...
Teddy and the Tygers!


Fall in love with Teddy!

"Today Teddy meets his CAT sister and brother! And they looked like TYGERS!! Well, he'd never seen another..."

A TYGER adventure sounded much fun, so Teddy wagged his tail and woofed "YES PLEASE Mum!"


Teddy is an adorable, fluffy and cheeky puppy, who loves having exciting adventures. In this joyful story he meets some new friends…THE TYGERS! This encounter has both entertaining and amusing consequences!  Written by Georgia Edmonds and illustrated
by Jake Biggin.


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About Georgia

 Georgia grew up loving to dance and perform but with a firm belief her life was incomplete without kittens in it. Still, she braved it out and took part in various local productions before training as a dancer and actress at a professional school. At 19 she switched to the production side of theatre, starting out at Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Really Useful Group, followed by five years with Cameron Mackintosh. She then worked at various high profile PR agencies before setting up her own company. A few of the many productions Georgia worked on in the West End include Mamma Mia!, Les Miserables, Chicago, Jersey Boys, The Phantom of the Opera, Miss Saigon, and yes, CATS! She has worked on numerous other productions in London and on tour around the UK, comprising of musicals, plays, dance and children’s shows.


In 2012 Georgia fulfilled her lifelong dream and became the mother of two kittens, a brother and a sister, weighing in at about 2 1/2 packets of Dreamies and a tin of Whiskas each. Oh, and seven years before that she had a son, which was also a pretty momentous occasion for Georgia! Their puppy, Teddy, joined the family whilst they were living in Australia. They now live back in their home in London.

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Fall in love with Teddy!

In 2018 Georgia, her son (and the cats, Casper and Lola) moved to Australia for some very special family time. They lived on the Gold Coast in Queensland, loving the stunning sunshine, glorious beaches, blue skies and never having to put on a coat.

Whilst in Australia, Georgia discovered there was a scheme afoot between father and son to add a small canine member to the family. Trying to be practical, having a vague idea that puppies are quite a lot of work, she resisted the idea - well, for about five minutes before she was shown a photo of an impossibly cute and totally adorable black and golden Cavapoo (a cross between a King Charles Cavalier Spanieland a poodle), who had been born on a cattle ranch in New South Wales, in Australia. Father and son bravely crossed the border from Queensland and returned home with Teddy. Suffice to say it was instant love  and lifelong devotion for all the family. Well, apart from the cats, that friendship took a bit longer…

Teddy enjoyed the first year of his life on the sunny Gold Coast, loving his walks on the beach and splashes in the sea. He moved to London aged one with his family. Though Teddy misses the beach, he does enjoy getting very muddy in his local park. And his very best friend, Doris, a black and white puppy, lives just next door. 


Teddy's Tails - by Georgia & Jake

“Girls, boys and grown-ups, are you ready? 
To go on an adventure with a puppy named Teddy?

Some of Teddy's escapades are really most hilarious,

This plucky little puppy is both loving and gregarious!

GEORGIA: I have always enjoyed writing. Having time in Australia with our new puppy, Teddy and my family inspired me to write a series of children’s books, named "TEDDY’S TAILS," based on Teddy and his adventures, with an individual title for each book. 


My aim was always to write  children’s books which were fun for both the readers and the children, which would entertain and engage both little ones and grown-ups. I particularly remember how exhausted you can feel by the end of a busy day, when you are taking care of little ones and you still have the bedtime story to go!

With this in mind, my books are written in verse, so there is a natural, easy flow to the pace and rhythm.  The inspiration of course, for these “Tails” is our own dog Teddy! Many of the stories are based on his real life adventures, both in Australia and back home in the UK.


It’s rare to find a child that doesn’t love stories about animals, (particularly very cute funny puppies!) and it always great fun when the canine protagonist gets up to mischief! They are very gentle, simple and positive stories that  show the love a boy and his family can have for his puppy and vice versa. Teddy and the Tygers, explores the new relationship between the new furry siblings and how they adjust (with Mum's help!) so they can live happily together and have fun!

It has been the greatest creative pleasure to collaborate with the very talented illustrator Jake Biggin, on the first book. We are about to start work on the second, and we both can't wait! There is more about the wonderful Jake below. He is far too modest to mention he has had rave reviews from national press in the UK about his stunning illustrations. 


JAKE :Illustrating Teddy's first adventure has been so much fun. I was excited to create an illustrated version of the real Teddy and to be able to collaborate with a writer like Georgia who has such a very real passion for her subject . Georgia’s enthusiasm and energy is infectious and we soon found that the visual narrative was almost drawing itself. 

Working from photographs and Georgias descriptions of her beloved pets and family members was such a pleasure , as was the wonderfully positive feedback that my writer / book partner sent me with each draft that I drew.

I do hope that the fun we had creating Teddy and the Tygers is matched by our readers enjoyment of the book!


Jake Biggin

Jake is an artist and illustrator.

He studied fine art at Central Saint Martins in London. A father of two, Jake works in a little box at the end of the garden.